Thursday, July 28, 2011

DISCOWHISTLE CLUB BANGER AMAZINGNESS - Will Young's big, giant, amazing comeback track gets a big, giant, amazing remix

They always say "it's what happens beneath the surface" that matters...
A couple weeks ago we told you all about how Will Young got amazing again and is ACTUALLY BACK THIS TIME.  Well all that is still true but the whole thing is in fact a bit better than we originally stated because not only is Will Young amazing again and ACTUALLY BACK, but he is back with a dancy (read: amazing) song that has been REMIXED IN SPECTACULAR FASHION.

'Jealousy' was already certified pop genius, but with a bass-bump and a donk on it, it becomes something WHOLLY TRANSCENDENT.

Some highlights:
1.  The beginning
2.  The thing that happens between 1:28 and 1:30
3.  The NEARLY FULL MINUTE of buildup that starts quietly at 2:40 and ends, shirt off and arms up,  in a giant bomb of molten discoglitter at 3:30

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a very good song sounds like when it buys a fancy outfit, straps on some f*ck-me heels, drops a double-stacked ecstacy and GOES TO TOWN.

 Will Young - Jealousy (The Alias Radio Edit) by POPONANDON


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch SixD's 'Best Damn Night - This is what would happen if Glee, Black Eyed Peas and Step Up:3D had a baby

Seriously you guys I lost my contact, check your shoes.
Ok so here's the thing.  When it starts you'll be like "omgsies I'm totes ready to hate this garbizzle" but something about it will make you keep listening and shortly before the first chorus you'll be like "well at least it's not as tragilicious as that tranny Countess LuAnn mess" and, resist as you might, by the time the breakdown bit ends you'll be all "goddammit now I'm supes obsessed" and will immediately download it from some dodgy blog or something and play it every night before you go out to whatever hotspot that cute boy with the spray tan and the sick calves (you know, the one who works in accounting but is only doing that until his modeling/event-planning career takes off) told you about, but for obvious reasons you will NEVER TELL ANYONE EVER.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Here is some of Nicola Roberts' new single 'Lucky Day'. We don't need to tell you that it's amazing. (but we will anyway)

This is Nicola filming the video for 'Lucky Day.'  In New York.  WHERE WE LIVE.
It is no secret that Nicola Roberts is amazing.  That is, it is no secret to us and two of our friends that Nicola Roberts is amazing, while it remains a complete secret to the rest of our friends, some people we don't like, and the record buying public at large.

Her debut single was a love-it-or-hate-it phenomfest of the highest order, that limped to #27 thanks to an ill-advised on air/on sale release.  We wrote all about that debacle here but the long and short of it is that IT WAS A STUPID IDEA AND SOMEONE MUST PAY.  

Chart floppage aside, Nicola IS amazing, ladies and gentlemen, to the point where if the next song she chucks out isn't number 1 for seventeen weeks we will do something drastic and unpredictable like move into Xenomania's basement or become vegetarians. with that what you will.

Also, while we're on the subject, you know who else is amazing?  Dragonette.  Yes, the ones that did that song 'Hello' with that guy whose name you can't pronounce.  But also the ones who did the phenomenal debut album that no one heard, and the even better sophomore album that a few more people, but still not enough to not qualify as "no one," heard.  So when we discovered that Nicola's second single will be 'Lucky Day,' her collaboration with the band, we squealed we with delight, did a bit of the dance from the 'Beat Of My Drum' video and then exploded into a cloud of pixie dust.


Anyway, here's a video of some parts of the song. 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Saturdays' new single is a grower not a shower - listen to 'All Fired Up' now

Always put your best foot forward.
Until very recently (read: yesterday) we weren't really sure how to feel about The Saturdays.  They started out as a sort of Girls Aloud/Sugababes hybrid, and looked, for a while, poised to step into the vacant ULTIMATE GIRLBAND POPFORCE FIERCENESS shoes that were left behind when both those bands went on a spa holiday or whatever the hell it was they were doing instead of making music.  

For whatever reason, though, The Saturdays just never had their breakout moment.  Sure they've been holding it down as a solid second-tier group with a string of top tens under their Gucci belts, but they've not really given anyone a reason to really care about them as a musical force. Until now.

'All Fired Up' finds The Saturdays pushing the envelope for the first time in their four years of existence.  And it works pretty damn well, since for once they aren't trailing after everyone else, chucking out tunes that sound as if they were cobbled together from superior groups' leftover scraps.

As tonally arresting as the tune is, though, there's no hook to pull the casual listener in.  It takes a few listens to really appreciate what The People Who Tell The Saturdays What To Sing were trying to do, but once it clicks, IT CLICKS.  And oddly, the fact that it's not an obvious hit might be exactly what makes it huge.

Every Saturdays song so far has been so straightforward and rudimentary that it could be consumed fully in one listen.  They were songs that made hundreds of thousands of people say "oh, that's nice, I think I'll download it and then never listen to it again," - songs that get the job done, but that can never turn a girlgroup into a PROPERLY GENIUS BAND.

So really what we're saying is that The Saturdays needed something special, and finally, 3 albums in, they got it.  'Fired' premiered yesterday, and it's a tuneless, raved-up, lyrically nonsensical clubfest that leaves the listener confused, sweaty, exhausted and smelling of Jaegermeister. 

And it is amazing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ScopiSadness - Amy Winehouse has gone to the big rehab in the sky

Once upon a time there was a little girl, and all she wanted to do was sing...
Say what you like about Amy Winehouse, she was a huge talent.  In her short time in the spotlight she shone so bright that she defined a whole genre of music, and ushered in a musical culture that gave us artists like Duffy, Paloma Faith, and of course the current star-of-the-moment, Adele.  But so often in music - in life, really - the brighter a star shines, the quicker it burns out. 

One night back in 2007, Amy did something she hadn't been able to do before, and something she never really could do since.  She walked onto a stage, held her head high and made even her harshest critics stand up and applaud.  Forgotten, for just a few moments, was the substance abuse, were the drugs.  Inside the performance she gave that night, there was no alcohol, no abusive husband, no media-circus court appearance.  And in the space of exactly 1 minute and 43 seconds, she proved to an awed audience that she was at her very core a true musician, and that whatever personal battles she faced nothing could take that away.

So in our minds, whenever we think back on who Amy Winehouse was, we won't be picturing the drunken tirades or the drug binges disguised as concerts.  We'll be remembering this quiet, sobering moment when everything else fell away, and Amy was just a 24 year old girl standing up on stage singing a song like no one else in the world could. 

Goodbye, Amy.  You'll be missed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A ScopiPology - the Sugababes thing might actually be amazing

Do not play well with others.
Sometimes even we here at ScopiSat Manor make mistakes.  And when that happens we are the first (read: the absolute last) to publicly admit it.

A few weeks ago, when that weird Nokia advert with a clip of the new Sugababes single splattered all over it debuted, we mired ourselves in the firm opinion that the band was "over" and that everything anywhere having anything to do with them would be utter, utter crap.

And then we got schooled, ladies and gentlemen.  A new clip of the forthcoming (in September, which may as well be 2014 in pop-land, but whatever) single has showed up on the interwebs and we're a bit taken aback at just how good it is.  It's certainly not groundbreaking - it's kind of a post-Gaga, midtempo dancefloor thing just like dozens of other acts are churning out by the handful - but the execution seems to be pretty flawless.

At this point in the Sugababes career - and we're speaking of the band, not the individuals, since the group has been through more lineup changes than Xtina has been through KFC family-sized buckets (Ed: WTH. Delete.), maybe this is just what they need.  It's something that's not going to rock the boat, but will remind everyone that this is the band that once gave us the by-the-numbers-but-still-mindblowingly-good tracks 'Hole In The Head,' 'Push The Button,' and 'About You Now.'  Because the band, in whatever incarnation, did give us those.  And for that they deserve some gaddamned respect.

Sugababes - Freedom by sugababesdaily

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vanessa Amorosi's new video is kind of great - watch 'Gossip' now!

My bangs do not suit my facial structure.
Let's have a chat about Vanessa Amorosi for a second, shall we?

First of all, we thought she was like, 45 or something, since her last couple videos made her look like one of those moms-of-four who are "pretty" but are a bit worse for wear.  HOWEVER THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  She is 27, you guys.  Twenty-seven.

Anyway, weird anti-aging failure aside, she's had a pretty good go of it all things considered.  After all, she's clawed her faux-ginger ass all the way up the Australian pop ladder from nothing to something and managed to achieve solid C-list status. 

We first fell in love with her back in 2000 when she put out the BONA FIDE JAM 'Absolutely Everybody' (which really should have been titled 'Absolutely Everybody Who Is Gay Or A Teenage Girl' because let's be honest not one other person enjoyed that song) and then she did some stuff not even the homos cared about, but she's experienced somewhat of a renaissance of late.

She scored her first Australian #1 back in '09 with the lead single from her fourth album, and has maintained a relatively high profile since.  And we have a feeling that 'Gossip' will continue her winning streak, since it's actually pretty alright.  The track is a rock-lite dancy thing, with all sorts of hip references to "the facebooks" and "the tweetings" and such.  It's probably supposed to be a scathing commentary on social media and how we're all just weird impersonal walking robots now, but in reality it's just a straight up good pop song.

And the video.  Oh, the video.  It's sort of "gothic house party," sort of "Addams Family Gone Wild," but thanks to some clever camera tricks and the adorable Miss Amorosi it is a little bit amazing. In a sort of B-list "this will do" way.

Which, if you'll remember, is actually a step up for her. So good job, 'nessa.

Vanessa Amorosi - Gossip from Elahn Zetlin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This song will take over your life - watch HyunA's 'Bubble Pop' now

So the Rebecca Black thing happened and it's out there and that's just something that we have to deal with, each in our own way.  Some of us will drink, some will turn to baby Jesus.  Others (us) will spend hours on YouTube looking for some sliver of hope that quality pop music is still alive.  And perhaps, if they are lucky, they will come across THIS.

It is by a thing called HyunA and it is Korean.  From the South, not the North, of course.  Though if Kim Jong Il devised this video as a plan to distract the globe while his malnourished hordes of sensibly dressed civilian armies looted our Wal*Marts we would have to hand it to him, because it is QUITE DIVERTING INDEED.

If you have any doubt that this is one of the finest female-led music videos in recent history, we ask only that you watch "the breakdown" that occurs from 2:15 to about 2:45, since there are not enough ways we could sassily misspell "work" to adequately describe the "bitch-I-will-slice-your-tit-while-I-steal-your-man" ferociousness that spews out of this woman in a span of 30 seconds.

Our current play count for the video stands at 6 for the day, but it's only that low because our phone died and we couldn't watch it on the subway.

On a side note: people on the 1 train during morning rush hour are not very accommodating when faced with maniacal shouts of "WHO HERE KNOWS BUBBLE POP AND HAS INTERNET ACCESS."


Sign of the Apocalypse #12 - The new Rebecca Black thing is actually happening

For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

A recent conversation we had with a British person about Rebecca Black:

Them: So 'Friday' was like, a joke, right?
Us: No.
Them: Ok but THIS song is.  Because she's all "in on it" now right?
Us:  No.
Them: My god.

Here is Rebecca Black's 'My Moment.'

Monday, July 18, 2011


For a surprisingly small amount of money my dancers will totally get with you
Faint of heart, be warned:  Due to our unbridled excitement this article contains a high density of THINGS WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS.  

Before the weekend started and everyone went to go see Harry Potter, Leona Lewis put out a song.  It was a very good song and we were instantly obsessed with it as evinced by our utter carpetbombing of Facebook with posts like "ACTUALLY AMAZING" and "THE NEW LEONA LEWIS IS PHENOMBALLZ," etc.

But now something even better has happened.  It is the Afrojack remix of the ACTUALLY AMAZING AND PHENOMBALLZ LEONA LEWIS SONG.  And it is incredible.  It is the kind of remix that makes everyone in "the club" throw their beglittered hands in the air, scream at the top of their lungs, dance suggestively and then make a series of questionable life choices.  In short, it is an ideal club track and we ABSOLUTELY APPROVE.

Friday, July 15, 2011


"I don't bleed love anymore, I bleed AMAZING DANCE TUNES"

Leona Lewis has done a PROPER DANCE SONG and it works terrifyingly well.  It is called 'Collide' and it has a sort of classic-but-completely-new vibe to it.  There are no insane frills (Gaga) or overblown singing runs for no reason (Xtina).  It's just a brilliant tune through and through that doesn't pull any punches or pretend it's something it's not.  There's an almost tribal backing vocal sound that gives the track an organic, warm vibe, and the production is smooth but not overwraught.  It's essentially what an UNPRETENTIOUS POP DIVA SMASH should sound like and in short it is AMAZING.

Leona's one of those people we didn't really realize we missed, but goddamn, Miss Lewis.  Welcome the f back.

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine preview the 'Moves Like Jagger' video which is shaping up to be very good indeed

I am not unattractive.
We enjoy 'Moves Like Jagger.'  Let's get that out of the way now.  But we certainly don't think it's the BRILLIANT PIECE OF POP MUSIC that some of our friends are making it out to be.  It's nothing groundbreaking and - as evinced by the fact that everyone's already kind of forgotten about it - it's nothing that people will particularly remember in a few months' time.

The video, on the other hand, is going to be AMAZING.  Why?  Because ADAM LEVINE TAKES HIS CLOTHES OFF IN IT.  Also Christina looks thin.  So you know they dropped a wad of money on post-production cause making someone look skinny when they DEFINITELY AREN'T is not cheap. 

Here's the preview.  In which ADAM LEVINE TAKES HIS CLOTHES OFF.  In case we didn't mention that. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demi Lovato falls off her 'Skyscraper' in NEW VIDEO - watch the premiere now!

Yeah I'm basically just Blossom for the 20-teens.
Demi Lovato's new single is currently the number 1 download on iTunes in the US, so there's no use in debating whether it is good or bad or in between because it is obviously quite popular regardless.  What we can talk about is the video, which for whatever reason comes off as a weird companion piece to ex Joe Jonas' recently released clip.

Both feature BROODING EMOTIONAL WRECKS OF HUMAN BEINGS and also SMOKE and THE DESERT.  Joe at least had some eye candy and neat camera work in his, but Demi's comes off a little... budget.  We get it, you probably spent a lot on rehab, Demi, but come on.  This is your big comeback.  You could have at least thrown in a dance break or a guy pouring milk over himself in a convertible. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sound Of Arrows are back with a new video for a genius song

"We are Swedish. Bork Bork Bork."
We are obsessed with Sound of Arrows.  They are kind of a modern day Enigma but hipper and a bit more pop.  Which means they are amazing.

We first fell in love with them after they put out 'Into The Clouds' last year, which is basically the exact track you'd want your friends to play if you were having a really bad LSD trip and needed to CHILL THE F*CK OUT, YOU GUYS, I'M SERIOUS but also the kind of track that, when pumped through some ridiculously oversized hipster headphones, makes a nice stroll down the street infinitely nicer.  Though they've been relatively quiet since (their major label debut, buzz single 'Nova', didn't chart), our excitement over the Swedish duo's work hasn't faded.  AND RIGHTLY SO.

Their new track 'Magic' continues their streak of brilliant tunes, but ups the stakes by pairing it with an unexpectedly gorgeous short film.  And gorgeous really is the word for the whole project.  The song sounds like nothing that's out there right now, the film looks like nothing that's out there right now (think the Narnia film series if they used a lot more pink and also were, you know, GOOD) and the whole vibe of the project is just really super awesome and stuff. 

The track is out August 1st and the video looks like this:

Thank you, Sound of Arrows.  Thanks.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Will Young comeback single is already a contender for best pop single of the year - listen to the premiere now

Alright, where are the balls then...
Will Young has seen the music industry from just about every angle in his ten years on the scene.  He won the first Pop Idol over in the UK, long before American Idol even existed, and arguably was the first poster child of the reality-show driven music world we currently live in.  That fact makes him either a villain or a hero, or an unsuspecting pawn in a game no one could have expected to go on so long, but really that's neither here nor there because IT HAS HAPPENED and we just have to deal with the fact that millions of people tried to make Ruben Studdard a star.

Anyhoodle, Will was instantly huge, only to be famously overshadowed by the runner up of the show, Gareth Gates, after a few months.  But while taking a back seat to Mr. Gates and his ridiculous dimples for a couple singles, William was busy penning what would go on to be one of the defining British albums of the noughties. He cranked out singles like 'Leave Right Now' and 'Your Game,' winning accolades and - surprisingly - artistic credibility along the way. Suddenly WiYo was back on top and a bona fide superstar.

Over the next few years Will came out as a gay man (to the shock of everyone no one), and chucked out some of the finest tunes to have graced the radio waves.  Then all of a sudden he wasn't really popular anymore because his songs weren't that catchy, and then he did a video about getting pregnant and everything got kind of awkward.  Which is where we are now.

Suffice it to say, Will's been up and down and has SEEN SOME THINGS in his time in "the business," but all that experience looks to have paid off as he gears up for his big, spectacular comeback.

It kicks off with brand new single 'Jealousy,' which at first listen is a huge departure from Young's earlier adult contemporary-ish output, but is actually just an electro'd up version of the melodic pop he's always done.  It's simple yet perfectly executed, understated yet moving, and most importantly, is VERY VERY GOOD.

The single got its first play on Monday and is already being hailed by "the blogs" and also people who read "the blogs" so you know it's the real deal.  But if you have any doubt, why don't you all just take a listen for yourself:

We told you.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm about to smack the sh*t outta your wind machine.
There's something about Kelly Clarkson that makes us smile.  It could be because she's pretty or because she's sweet or maybe because she knows Justin Guarini.  OR BECAUSE SHE IS AMAZING.

In case you've forgotten the epic novella that is Kelly's life, she started out as a regular person and stayed that way until she won some tv show and then sang some brilliant songs which made her a little bit less of a regular person and more of a celebrity.  Then she got huge (career wise) after which she told everyone to f off and did an album that was "personal" and "deep" (read: it was shit) and then she got huge (fat wise) and decided to sing BRILLIANT SONGS again.  Then we kind of forgot about her getting fat because her tracks were so good and also because Christina kind of "stole the show" with that one if you know what we're saying, and now she is doing another album that sounds as if it will be PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

In a weird-but-brilliant move, all of the YouTube tracks that have leaked have been slowed down in what is probably an attempt by the record company to leak the product without actually releasing the product - everyone can hear how spectacular the album is going to be without actually ever obtaining a copy of it in its final version.   From a "controlling the inevitable leaks" standpoint it's a great idea, but more importantly to us, if you listen to the songs and imagine how good they will be after they are sped up just a little bit, it suddenly will occur to you that there must be a God in heaven because this album is going to be brilliant.

On Friday K-Ca's (don't worry, we don't think that's going to catch on) alleged new single leaked, and everyone's heads exploded because it was super.  It is a pop/rock/shuffly thing that has a bitchy bite that we're not really used to from Big K, but that suits her quite nicely.  It's called 'Let Me Down' and it sounds a bit (read: exactly) like this:

So that's good then, isn't it.  But anyone looking for Miss Independent to follow a different path on this record than her usual "take a poppy rock song and then scream amazingly over it" formula will be disappointed.  Which is ok because those people who expect something new don't own her and she can make her own decisions and maybe she just likes doing these kinds of songs so shut up and bring her some cake.


So there they are.  One of them may not even be Kelly singing it.  None of them may be her new single.  Three of them will be greatly improved by having their original, faster speeds restored.  One of them will be slightly improved by having its original, faster speed restored.

And all of them are brilliant.

Welcome back, Kelly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Nicola Roberts track, new Nicola Roberts album art. AMAZING.

I am Nicola Roberts and this is my album cover.
So here's what's going on with the Nicola Roberts thing:

- The single did that whole "on air/on sale" mess and proved that what everyone has assumed will be the marketing method of the future may not actually be the marketing method of the future because it's kind of stupid but also kind of brilliant, depending on what kind of artist you are and whether it actually works.  In Nic's case it DID NOT. 

- After 'Beat of My Drum' stalled at #27, the Ginger One's label PR reps released statements saying things like "EVERYTHING IS FINE NO ONE PANIC" while wildly updating their resumes.

- Since we're in a recession and none of them got new jobs, Nicola's label PR reps had to stick this one out, and decided to make one last push to make this single work because failing at a job is still better than being unemployed.  That push, luckily for all of us, is a RATHER BRILLIANT POP TUNE that will appear as the b-side to the CD single of 'Beat of My Drum,' which is, incidentally, out Monday to buy in the UK. It is a tune that will entice about 6 people to actually buy the single, and will probably propel the A-side track to something like #35 if we're lucky.  But it is STILL A BRILLIANT POP TUNE.


Well that was quite good wasn't it?


Yes.  Very good indeed.

Let's make an Example of the new Example single (see what we did there?)! Listen now!

"In England I am quite sexy"
Example is a thing that is British and is also a rapper that sings.  Example is a man, in the literal sense, but is also a GRAND IDEA in a sort of bullshit existential way that we shan't be exploring here because, why would we. 

Whatever it is, though (Ed: IT IS A MAN FOR CHRIST SAKE), Example has a new single out soon, and after racking up some respectable hits in his native England, he may just have his sights on the good ol' US of A (or perhaps he doesn' can't be sure without checking and we really can't be bothered at the moment).  A few years ago an act like Example would have about as much chance of breaking the States as Xtina does losing the "baby weight," but we now live in a post-Gaga world where quirky dance tracks are ALL THE RAGE.  Especially dark and brooding dance tracks with vaguely dystopian lyrics.  LIKE THIS ONE.

In all honesty we are quite sure that nothing will happen with 'Stay Awake' (that's the name of the single, by the way) over here in America save for a dodgy dance chart placing (let's say #8 or so) and some EXCITING but MEANINGLESS performances at a few outdoor festivals where everyone enjoys themselves but is too strung out on Crunch or Pitpops, or whatever the new fad drug is, to remember to download the tracks afterwards.

Still, a nice tune though. 

Example - Stay Awake by PurplePR

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The new Natalia Kills/ video is like an AMAZING VERSION OF LADY GAGA but not pretentious or preachy. But a lot like Gaga. Like, a lot.

One certainly is fierce, isn't one.
As Lady Gaga continues her descent down the Lauper ladder of ridiculousness and unsustainability, the scramble is on to find the NEXT BIG THING.  Most of the people who are "in the know" figure that thing will be a little lady by the name of Natalia Kills, who has yet to find success despite being quite hotly tipped.  Like, she had a hit in Germany for two seconds, but so did Kazaky and JEdward so that's not really something you want to Twitter blast.

The long and the short of it is she's basically Lady Gaga but British and less preachy.  And her new song is amazing.  It's - in keeping with a theme, apparently - just like Gaga used to be before she decided she was Born This Way with horns and shit.  The video for 'Free' is a little spectacular too.  Natalia looks like a methed-out extra from 'Wicked,' and there are words on the screen every so often so you know it's classy. Also there are some shots of people sticking shoes down their panties.

As you do.

The track also features for absolutely no reason, saying ridiculous things for absolutely no reason, and sort of lurching around the video for absolutely - wait for it - no reason.


Cher Lloyd's 'Swagger Jagger' video is kind of great but if you tell anyone we said that we will stab you in the ear

Yeah this is a thing now.
So here's the thing - the Cher Lloyd song is crap.  Everyone knows it's crap, everyone says it's crap, and everyone knows they're right to say so.  But it is also kind of amazing.  It's a ridiculous queef of a song that lyrically makes no sense whatsoever and musically is on par with a Roomba having a stroke, but - God forgive us - we're a little bit in love with it.  In like, a really aggressive, German leather-porn kind of way.

The weird thing is, we were just okay with the track until we saw the video, and then for NO REASON we fell head over heels for it.  Which is kind of comforting, because it leaves open the possibility that Simon Cowell has inserted subliminal messages into the clip or something (because come on, that is totally something he would do), but unfortunately it's hard to believe that's the case, considering the openly hostile response the video has received on the interwebs.  It has something like 17,000 "thumbs ups" on YouTube versus around a billion "thumbs downs," which is dangerously close to Rebecca Black territory. 

Let's take a peek at some of the comments shall we?

- "anyone who actually buys this shit needs to have their fucking brain amputated"
- "gud tune"

So some very eloquent points on both sides of the debate, then.

We have to wonder what exactly is motivating all the hatred, though, since the clip is colorful, BANG ON TREND, and features a generous dollop of Ms. Lloyd's undeniable charisma.  And also a Cheryl Cole drag queen.
Meet your TrannyBingo host - every Thursday night at the Boston Clipper in Northampton.

Whatever the reason no one seems to like it, we're perfectly happy having it be our dirty little secret.  Bring it, haterz. We're off to get our brain amputated.

"I mean...."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We just found our SONG OF THE SUMMER - watch Studio Killers' 'Ode To The Bouncer' now!

Comes with everything you see here.  Just add shirtless boys.
Every year there are many songs that try super duper hard to rise to the top of the rooftop-party heap.  But try as the many might, only one or two tunes can triumph, blasting their fabulousness across the warm and sunny landscape like a speedo-clad glitter cannon.  It's inevitable that some superstars will throw their hat in the ring (Ke$ha, Kylie, Britney, etc.), since having a summer anthem opens the door to a few months of steady sales and appearances on all manner of floats, pier parties and pretty much anywhere else ecstasy can be found, but almost invariably the winner ends up being an absolute surprise to everyone. 

For ScopiSat, this year is no different, as a tune has come out of nowhere, pushed aside K-Mo's 'Put Your Hands Up,' K-Ro's 'What A Feeling,' and even Britney's new jam as the ACTUAL SOUND OF THE SUMMER.  It is by a thing called the Studio Killers and it is AMAZING. 

It's a bittersweet tale - an allegory, if you will - of an average girl who wants nothing more than to get into "the club".  It's got a laid-back vibe that makes it sound effortless, yet has an urgency that will set it apart from the rest of any poolside party playlist. 

Also, the video is RIDICULOUSLY COOL.  It's a bit Gorillaz, but also not at all Gorillaz.  It's raunchy but not disgusting, and if there is anything better in this world than animated boobs bouncing to a eurobreak beat, we've yet to see it.