Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Nicola Roberts track, new Nicola Roberts album art. AMAZING.

I am Nicola Roberts and this is my album cover.
So here's what's going on with the Nicola Roberts thing:

- The single did that whole "on air/on sale" mess and proved that what everyone has assumed will be the marketing method of the future may not actually be the marketing method of the future because it's kind of stupid but also kind of brilliant, depending on what kind of artist you are and whether it actually works.  In Nic's case it DID NOT. 

- After 'Beat of My Drum' stalled at #27, the Ginger One's label PR reps released statements saying things like "EVERYTHING IS FINE NO ONE PANIC" while wildly updating their resumes.

- Since we're in a recession and none of them got new jobs, Nicola's label PR reps had to stick this one out, and decided to make one last push to make this single work because failing at a job is still better than being unemployed.  That push, luckily for all of us, is a RATHER BRILLIANT POP TUNE that will appear as the b-side to the CD single of 'Beat of My Drum,' which is, incidentally, out Monday to buy in the UK. It is a tune that will entice about 6 people to actually buy the single, and will probably propel the A-side track to something like #35 if we're lucky.  But it is STILL A BRILLIANT POP TUNE.


Well that was quite good wasn't it?


Yes.  Very good indeed.

Let's make an Example of the new Example single (see what we did there?)! Listen now!

"In England I am quite sexy"
Example is a thing that is British and is also a rapper that sings.  Example is a man, in the literal sense, but is also a GRAND IDEA in a sort of bullshit existential way that we shan't be exploring here because, why would we. 

Whatever it is, though (Ed: IT IS A MAN FOR CHRIST SAKE), Example has a new single out soon, and after racking up some respectable hits in his native England, he may just have his sights on the good ol' US of A (or perhaps he doesn' can't be sure without checking and we really can't be bothered at the moment).  A few years ago an act like Example would have about as much chance of breaking the States as Xtina does losing the "baby weight," but we now live in a post-Gaga world where quirky dance tracks are ALL THE RAGE.  Especially dark and brooding dance tracks with vaguely dystopian lyrics.  LIKE THIS ONE.

In all honesty we are quite sure that nothing will happen with 'Stay Awake' (that's the name of the single, by the way) over here in America save for a dodgy dance chart placing (let's say #8 or so) and some EXCITING but MEANINGLESS performances at a few outdoor festivals where everyone enjoys themselves but is too strung out on Crunch or Pitpops, or whatever the new fad drug is, to remember to download the tracks afterwards.

Still, a nice tune though. 

Example - Stay Awake by PurplePR