Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's all take a look at how the Katy Perry album did, shall we? (Hint: NOT VERY WELL)

We here at ScopiSat have mixed feelings about Miss Perry and the ridiculous things she says/wears/does/has sex with, and apparently the record-buying public does as well. 

Just a week ago, "industry insiders" and the like were championing Katy Perry's new LP 'Teenage Dream' as one of the sure-fire can't-misses of the year.  Accordingly, her label EMI shipped a million physical copies to retailers all over the country, in the standard practice of shipping twice the product you expect to sell the first week out.  Analysts had predicted anywhere between 400,000 and 700,000 sales, so the million unit shipment would be about right on.

Well, we're guessing some of those analysts will be serving you your double tall mocha capp with no whip at Starbucks next week, because Miss Perry's first week album sales came in at....wait for it... 192,000.  Now, keep in mind this includes about 35,000 digital downloads of the long-play, meaning that out of those million units sent to shops, about 160,000 were sold.  That is.... less than spectacular.

It's a shame on one hand, because the album has some great moments on it.  On the other hand it's actually a perfect outcome - an album that is half good sold half of the projection.