Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christina Aguilera takes on T.I. in new track 'Castle Walls' - listen to the premiere now!

Oh, Christina. 

Life just hasn't been what we all expected for our little genie in a bottle, has it? 

After countless (this is a lie, we could easily count them but cannot be bothered) hit singles and albums, her last LP straggled into the public consciousness already saddled with an "EPIC FLOP" metatag.  And, sadly, on the flop front it did not disappoint.  Not content to reject ONLY HER ALBUMS, the public decided that even her individual tracks should be shunned like a leper in a steamroom.  Singles wise, she hasn't troubled the top 20 since 2008, and her last track didn't even dent the HOT 100.

Then came 'Burlesque,' her 'Showgirls' wannabe film debut currently being laughed out of theaters, and a host of bad reviews that placed much of the blame on Xtina's shoulders.  Sure the gays love it, but the gays love anything shiny these days - doubly so if Cher is somehow involved.

So what's a down and out bottle-blonde to do when her career goes tits-up?  Yeah, you guessed it.  Duet with a rapper.

Here's her knockoff of 'Love The Way You Lie' or 'Empire State of Mind' or any other generic heartwrenching-but-not-really rap/vocal collaboration, featuring the GENIUS AND ELOQUENT WORDSMITHING of a fresh-from-Federal Prison T.I.

TI ft. Christina Aguilera - Castle Walls by omarafuni