Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take That, new X-Men: listen to the new track from the film

Yes.  This happened.
Take That, the UK super-band who scored a single US hit back in 1996 with 'Back For Good,' have been one of the few acts to experience not one, but two meteoric rises.  They burst on the scene during the boyband heyday in the early 1990s, only to split up a few years later when "the fat one" Robbie Williams left to design handbags or something.

The group reformed, however, in 2006 (then sans Williams) and immediately snatched the title of "hottest group of singing DILFs around" which should be an actual award but is not. ( :-( )  They guys became so hot, in fact, that Williams rejoined the band in 2010, presumably after his handbag business folded.

Now, having firmly and homoerotically reclaimed their position at the top of the writhing heap of boybands, the reformed fivesome have been tapped to deliver the official song for this summer's X-Men: First Class movie.  It's basically a rip off of Muse, but it's got a nice chorus if you stick with it long enough, and we'll at least probably get to see the boys pretend to be superheroes in the video or something.

Take That - Love Love by zzmkl