Monday, August 15, 2011

Video Premiere: Anjulie is a 'Brand New Bitch'

If you eat enough hair you can clog your intestines and die.  Look it up.
Ok here's the thing.  We had this entire article prepared about how we had no idea Anjulie existed and how everything we knew about her came from Wikipedia (which really is not a lot - seriously, Anjulie's people, get on that.).  Then we realized we actually wrote about her back in January 2010, when she had a new song called 'Headphones' out and was gearing up to be "the next big thing" and then we felt a little sad because OBVIOUSLY THAT DID NOT GO WELL.

Well now she's back and hopefully more memorable - if only for the title of her new single, 'Brand New Bitch.'  It's a dance song but also a pop song, and includes a lot of SHOCKING LYRICS in the form of swear words that are not shocking in the least.  It also has a video that looks like it is from 2004.  Which kind of says something about the whole project.

Back in 2004, a video featuring a girl saying swears while some backup dancers in ridiculous hats flail around might have been diverting.  But this is 2011 and A LOT HAS HAPPENED in the last 7 years (we don't want to say Gaga ruined everything, but for most female pop artists Gaga ruined everything).  So while 'Bitch' is a nice little track and the video isn't terrible, it's gonna take a bit more to break Anjulie into the big leagues.

Here's hoping she gets the chance, though, cause the girl has promise.  And hopefully it's sooner rather than later, lest we forget all about her again.