Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sign of the Apocalypse #11 - The UK's Eurovision entry is EVEN WORSE when actually recorded

Weep for pop, dear friends.  For this...THIS...will be the shining example of pop genius that the beacon of the English speaking world will foist upon millions of unsuspecting Eurotrash come May 29th.  Witness, if you dare, the full-on studio recording of 'That Sounds Good To Me,' the Stock/Waterman-penned crime against humanity, sung by a young man who has unwittingly become the ACTUAL ANTICHRIST, leading the demonic charge across the pop skies. 

Josh Dubovie, the singer, is from Essex - the British New Jersey - and despite being rather easy on the eye doesn't exactly fill the stage with his Gaga-like presence.  Still, millions (read: a few hundred of his mother's friends) voted him as the VOICE OF A NATION on the UK Eurovision "talent" competition, so he inexplicably will be going on to represent the country in Oslo this year. 

"Null points."