Thursday, August 25, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Britney's new single (?) 'Seal It With A Kiss' gets a BANGIN REMIX

...because a lady should never be seen without lipstick.
So Brit's been doing pretty well, eh?  The first 3 tracks from LP 'Femme Fatale' have gone top 10 in the US - something she has never achieved before - and her personal life has been pretty calm in comparison to her storied past.  She's on a world tour with sellouts all over the place, and gets groped by hot dancers every night.  Also she's not fat anymore.  Not that we care about that sort of thing, but it should be noted. 


Understandably, Brit-Brit and her people want to keep the good times rolling, so they've begun gearing up for a fourth possible single from the album, by commissioning some remixes.  Some F*CKING BRILLIANT REMIXES.  Like this one.

It is a version of 'Seal It With A Kiss' and it's by something called a Peter Thomas who apparently remixes things.  It is VERY GOOD, and thanks to music journalist extraordinaire Arjan we can all enjoy an absolutely free download of it as well (just click on the download button at the right side of the player).  Make sure you hug him if you see him. 

The mix keeps it short and sweet - clocking in at under 4 minutes - but packs a hell of a punch.  It's all thumping beats, high-energy synths, and of course Britney's trademark autotune vocals.  So staple in your "going out" weave, put on your best leopard print mini, and ROCK THE F OUT, because this baby's a corker.

Britney Spears - Seal It With A Kiss (Peter Thomas Remix) by arjanwrites