Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ellen Joins Idol!

This just in: Ellen is joining American Idol as their new permanent judge


The new Cheryl Cole...

On repeated listens it's actually quite good isn't it...

Lusine has Two Dots in new video

This is 'Two Dots.' It is by an artist called Lusine. 'Two Dots' is very good. It is different from what is usually touted on ScopiSat, but that fact does not prevent it from being very good.

The video is described as an illustration of 'relationships-as-trigonometry.' It is conceptual and arty and makes no sense to anyone that didn't take a college media-studies course but that is alright because the whole thing is very colorful and is accompanied by a quite nice tune.

The new Robbie video in which he does some stuff

This is Robbie's big comeback video for 'Bodies,' his first single in what seems like a lifetime. As comeback videos go it's pretty tame. There is no skin-shedding. There is no Daryl Hannah. In fact there is very little to get excited about at all except at the end there are PLANES.