Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kylie and Taio Cruz go 'Higher' on their BRAND NEW SINGLE - listen to the exclusive premiere now!

Okay so 'Get Outta My Way' hasn't been the worldwide smash many expected, although it still has a big launch this week in the US, complete with a brand new radio version (think Kelly Clarkson guitar) and appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Leno.   The real news, however, is that Kylie has teamed up with hit powerhouse Taio Cruz on his new single 'Higher', and it is VERY QUITE GOOD.

Often these collaborations reek of desperation and last-minuteness, and while 'Higher' has both splattered all over it, it also manages to work in a bit of an epic fashion.  Word has it the single is being released to raise K-Mo's profile in the US in hopes of bettering her chances for a big solo hit and we think it just might work.   

Key points: 

- it's dancy
- it's Taio
- it's Kylie
- it's Kylie and Taio on something dancy


Higher by Yassie Devil