Monday, March 7, 2011

Get a track off Good Goose's upcoming mixtape for FREE - download 'Might Like You Better' now

"did you remember to set the alarm on the coffee maker?"
Good Goose is part of a band called Menya, quite unobjectionable to look at, and a "disc jockey" at "the clubs."  He is also very good, as his name would suggest - but is somewhat unfortunately not an ACTUAL GOOSE.  (sad face emoticon)  Good is quite the busy guy these days, but has recently taken some time out for himself.

After touring with Menya for the last few months, Mr. Goose has decided to give the world a taste of his DJ skills with his very first mixtape.  It is called 'Lyin With The Flesh Flyin' With The Goose' (amazing) and is a collection of downtown-dirty dancefloor bangers with sparse lyrics and clever knob-twiddling.  The 11 tracks are all BANGING and SHOUTING and GROANING and BEING GENERALLY DEBAUCHEROUS IN THE MEDIUM OF RECORDED SOUND and are also, on the whole, QUITE ABOVE AVERAGE. 

While his band Menya serve up hooky pop gems with a sunny/skanky flair, Goose has taken the party night clock and fast-forwarded it to that point just after 3am when you realize you're in a terrifyingly humid BoHo basement with some shirtless twinks and a couple of trannies, wearing someone else's underwear and all out of poppers.  In other words, none of these underground electro nuggets is ever going to end up on KISS FM, but we have a feeling Mr. Goose quite prefers it that way.

The whole mixtape will be available tomorrow, March 8, but the Good man himself has given ScopiSat and our loyal readers a special exclusive sneak peek.  Take 'Might Like You Better' for a spin, download it, wear it out, and don't forget to come back tomorrow and grab the album HERE for absolutely free. 

  Good Goose - 03 - Might Like You Better (On Druggs!!!) by Scopitone Saturday