Friday, May 21, 2010

Goldfrapp are 'Alive' in new video - watch the premiere now!

Goldfrapp have had a tough time of it lately, as their BIG COMEBACK SINGLE was neither big nor much of a comeback.  Hopefully its lack of success will be just a footnote in the tome of Goldfrapp history, and new track 'Alive' will do what it says on the tin and bring the band back to life.  In all fairness, 'Alive' would have made a much better lead single, as it better showcases the unique 80's flair that the band have taken up.  The Me Decade has been mined by pop acts for the last couple years now, but most have stuck to the obvious synths and guitar stabs that defined the decade on the surface.  'Alive' takes that skin-deep pastiche and does one better, as it mimics the vocal production, harmonies and mastering that ruled the 1980's.

The video.....well it's best we just let you watch it yourselves.  It's suitably 80's, of course, with LASERS and SPANDEX but also a pentagram and Satan for some reason. 

Out June 7