Sunday, October 9, 2011

VV Brown is back and somehow more amazing - listen to 'Children' now

This is a picture of a very good pop star
It's frighteningly rare that we get blown away by a single, especially when the artist is one of our favorites and subject to our PERFECTLY REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS.

But the actually amazing VV Brown has managed to do it with her comeback single 'Children.'  It's one of those 'schoolchildren shout-singing over an urban beat with a straightforward melody' things but with enough of a twist that it manages to sound new and fresh and fantastic and all the other things a young brilliant artist needs to break into the mainstream. 

Hopefully this time around she will do just that because let's face it, the mainstream needs something to shake it the f up.  The Ke$ha/Britney/Katy Perry/Gaga formula of slick polish and overwrought production was great for a while, but for chrissakes people, we need a LITTLE bit of variety.  The world of pop has become pretty monochromatic as of late, and VV brown might be the one to add a splash of musical color to it.