Monday, February 6, 2012

Ladyhawke is back with Black White & Blue - watch the premiere now!

"I'm prettier when you can't see my teeth."
So last night some lady sang some songs at the World Bowling Championship or something and it was VERY VERY GOOD even though the whole opening was ripped off Kylie's 'Aphrodite' Tour in a shockingly blatant way.  But today life must go on and SO IT DOES in the form of a rather brilliant track by retro-svengali Ladyhawke.

It's called Black White & Blue and is an obvious play on the AMERICA F*CK YEAH theme but also on bruising (?) but most importantly it is a LITTLE BIT TREMENDOUS. 

Equally tremendous is the video for the song, which is all retro-chic with soft lighting, late-70's pastels and a kind of awkward photo shoot that feels a bit like when your uncle used to make you bounce on his knee even though he wasn't really your uncle, just some guy your dad knew from the bar, and also the fact that you were 16. 

Anyway, the video is really good and even though everyone is still talking about Madge's all-conquering halftime show, it deserves some goddamn recognition.