Thursday, July 29, 2010

If there's any justice in the world, Gabriella Cilmi's new single will conquer the world - watch the 'Defender' video now!

It's rare that a truly great ballad comes along these days.  Too often they are filled with ridiculous vocal acrobatics (Beyonce/Xtina), "of the moment" gimmicks (we're looking at you, autotune) or just aren't particularly moving or genuine (Celine).  But, the foregoing just makes Gabriella Cilmi's new track 'Defender' all the more special, with its restrained delivery, natural production, and a confidence that is rare in fifty-year-olds, much less 18 year old girls. 

Yes, barely-legal Aussie songstrel Gabriella has churned out one of this years' finest tracks so far, and as artists are wont to do she has made a video for it.  In it she does some things and then gets naked but none of that is really important because the real star of the clip is the VERY GOOD SONG. 

Apparently in celebration of Cilmi's "legal to perv on" status, her people have decided to give the video exclusive to the always-classy Sun newspaper.  You can watch it here but be careful not to click on ANYTHING ELSE on the site or you may be bludgeoned with boobs and lager ads until you are left writhing in a pit of lowbrow mediocrity and take a job driving an airport shuttle van until you get fired for running over someone while distracted by a girl with big boobs or a football score of some sort.

If you don't want to risk it (we don't blame you) then you can just listen to the song below.