Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Girl wants to 'Love U More' in new video - watch now!

You know what was a great song?  'Love U More,' by Sunscreem.  You know, that dance song that came out in the 90s that everyone would recognize if they heard it but haven't thought about for years because they haven't heard it since that one rave in Detroit where the warehouse burned down and Donna got pregnant by that high school sophomore? 

You know, this one:

 Yes.  That one.

And you know who else thought it was great?  Something called Sunday Girl, which is a girl, or a day, or something, which has done a remake of 'Love U More' with a QUITE STYLISH video to boot.  And when we say stylish we mean literally stylish, in that we're pretty sure it was cobbled together from b-roll of a Gilt Groupe sale page shoot.  But whatever, the slo-mo bits are kind of cool so it's fine.

If anyone cares, Sunday Girl is actually a woman by the name of Jade Williams, but we think we can all recognize that Sunday Girl is a much better name for a pop star than Jade Williams which at the end of the day is probably why she is called Sunday Girl and not Jade Williams. 

Long story short, though, 'Love U More' is still amazing and Sunday Jade Girl-Williams's version of it is very good, and also just FYI, Doc Martens are coming back so that's something we all need to make peace with.