Friday, April 16, 2010

Katie Melua's new 'The Flood' video is ridiculous but in a good way - watch the premiere now!

We brought you Katie Melua's new, William Orbit-produced single a few days ago, and now a shiny new video has surfaced for the track.  ScopiSat has a bit of a weird relationship with this song, as we're in love with the first half and then completely indifferent about the rest, so hopes were high that the video could knock this over into the 'epic win' column. 
To be fair, Katie tried her hardest to please us...there are big shiny lights and mostly naked men - but there just seems to be something a little '80's budget production' about the whole thing.  Which is's not like Miss Melua is a HUGE VIDEO ARTIST or anything.  The clip is at the least passable and at the most enjoyable, and that's really all anyone can ask of a video that isn't Lady Gaga these days. 

Is anyone else worried that she's just going to go into full on Sarah Brightman mode after this?  We are :(

The single is out May 17 with the album 'The House' a week later