Monday, March 21, 2011

Calvin Harris unleashes his 'Awooga' all over the interwebs - watch now!

"If you keep touching yourself you'll grow paint on your hands."
Remember when Calvin Harris was super awesome and popular?

Us either, but apparently he was both of those things at some point.

The hitmaker - who gave us gems like 'Dance Wiv Me' (AMAZING), 'Merrymaking at My Place' (AMAZING) and 'I'm Not Alone' (shit), is back with a new album and a sort of new sound.  He's always been known as a "DJ who sings" but evidently he LOATHED EVERY MINUTE OF THE RESULTING WORLDWIDE FAME AND OBSCENE FORTUNE and has sworn off singing on his own records because, quite simply, he can't be bothered.

Accordingly, Mr. Harris' new album's lead single features no vocals over its thumping beats, but in all fairness isn't as terrible as we were expecting. Still, it's hard to imagine he'll manage another number 1 UK single if he stays this vocal-less course.  Which we don't particularly care about, one way or the other, but we thought it was worth mentioning.

Whatever, he's still hot at least.