Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jennifer Lopez gets 'On The Floor' - listen to the premiere now!

I call my bike 'Marc Anthony'
Many a pop diva have relied on the svengali-like talents of RedOne to bolster their careers, and J.Lo is the latest to jump on the producer's magical bandwagon.

'On The Floor' samples Kaoma's 1989 track 'Lambada,' which was a number one smash worldwide, but stalled in the States just outside the top 40.  Something tells us that J.Lo's jam may have an oddly similar run at the charts.  It's got the J.Lo name, which still means something to people who buy perfume in supermarkets, and samples a pretty well known song, which means something to older people who remember J.Lo and who also tend to buy perfumes in supermarkets.  It'll probably rocket up the charts real fast (and go back down them just as quickly) in Europe, but in the US....not so much.