Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trina is a 'Million Dollar Girl' in new video - watch now!

Trina (pictured above, seconds after being interrupted while doing a shit) isn't someone we think of when someone mentions the word 'pop,' and this new track probably won't do anything to change that.  It's sort of R&B/rap-lite, albeit with a nice hook.  The most notable thing about the song is its video, though probably not for any of the reasons intended.  The whole thing feels like a clip from another era - you remember, when rappers shouted things in front of a fish-eye lens and threw money at the screen.  The bigger the car, the bigger the man, and 'bling' became a word for some reason.  With that slice of classic history in mind, it's really no surprise this mess came from that era's biggest offender, the GOD-LIKE GENIUS that is Diddy or Doody or Dingus or whatever the hell his name is these days.  Now, however, in this hipster-chic recession-bound world, everyone is paring things down, and while the visual effects might admittedly get more expensive, the flaunting of wealth in front of the screen has become a bit passe.  Hell, Britney even stopped buying expensive wigs.   So this whole Trina 'I have a plane and you do not' business comes off as a bit crass and dated but we're probably just hungover and bitter so watch and decide for yourself.

No.  No, we were right.