Monday, December 27, 2010

Sam Sparro rides his 'Pink Cloud' in new video -watch now and download his new EP for FREE!

Maybe she's born with it...
The SUPER HETEROSEXUAL Sam Sparro is back, and...well, not as good as before.  But he's back, and there are probably a few people (his parents and other immediate family) who care.

He first burst onto the scene with CERTIFIED TUNE 'Black and Gold,' and then did absolutely nothing except release a crap follow-up track that flopped on its ass right out of the gate.

Cut to 2 years later, and Sam has decided that if he can't be a mainstream pop star, he'll do what every struggling pop act does in their darkest moments - go for the gays.

Sparro's new track, 'Pink Cloud' is an almost vocal-less dance ditty that throws in all sorts of 90's synths and riffs and is kind of fun but also completely forgettable.  The video, on the other hand, is actually pretty alright - albeit in an art-school-project kind of way.  There's a lot of paint, and faces, and painted faces, and some other things that are kind of cool but not really interesting enough to write about.

So yeah, here's the video.

Also, Sam is offering his full new EP for free download if you go to THIS LINK.