Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HOLD EVERYTHING - VV Brown's 'Shark In The Water' is FREE on iTunes this week

If you live in the US, go to iTunes and get the BRILLIANT 'Shark In The Water' from ScopiSat fave VV Brown. 




It's the Jedward video - watch now

They almost drove Simon to tears on X-Factor, as maybe the first actually quite bad act to make it through to the latter end of the show.  They created what is known as the 'Jedward Paradox.'  (no really, it's on Wikipedia so it must be real)  Apparently, everyone loves to hate them, but they have a healthy slew of straight up lovers as well, including the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leona Lewis, and Calvin Harris.

By the time they were booted off the show, there were debates all over the UK, supporters and condemners, and the assurance that they'd be back, somehow, in some form.  Their sheer willpower and eagerness won them a legion of fans, and also, apparently, a record deal. 

Now witness:  Jedward, the twins who nearly brought down a tv/music empire, with 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby).'

On a side note, Vanilla is looking pretty good no?