Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Nicola 'Beat Of My Drum' video is here and it is ridiculously good

So the new Nicola single is PROPERLY OUT now, and the breakdown of reactions goes something like this...

...except the uneaten pie stands for people who love the song and the small, sad, eaten portion stands for people who obviously have no taste in music and therefore do not enjoy the tune in the least.  And also just had a LOT of empty calories.

Though it's been out only a couple hours, 'Beat' is already in the Top 20 of iTunes, so apparently the large number of people who love the song are also the same people who are the sort to legally download a track that they like, which is definitely good news for everyone on Team Ginger.

The bigger news, however, is that ahead of its "official debut" tomorrow, the video has already found its way onto the interwebs.  And it is what we term a RESOUNDING TRIUMPH.

It's obviously made "on a bit of a budget" but is a perfect example of how natural charisma and a few fun and unique ideas can do quite a lot with very little.  In fact, it has more spunk and energy than most any of the videos coming from the big stars these days.  It's free from the overblown audacity that has become a near requisite element of post-Gaga music video making, and it is all the better for it.

There is no sweeping camera work, no "bigger is better" explosions or giant dance club scenes for no reason - it's just a girl with a ton of talent doing what she does best in front of a filming crew.  The viewer is left with the (correct) impression that Nicola is in fact the MAIN EVENT of the video, and we should all be grateful for this.  With a tiny flip of her hair and a few dance moves that look as effortless as they are well executed, Nic is shaping up to be "the real deal" and all the other divas out there who rely on tricks and big budgets and all manner of unshockingly-shocking antics should be VERY WORRIED INDEED.