Friday, August 13, 2010

Scissor Sisters go 'Any Which Way' in new video -watch the premiere now!

Scissor Sisters' album launch has been a bit of a misfire this go-round, if only for lack of an iconic and accessible lead single.  This seems to be the way of the world these days, however, as artists have realized that once they achieve huge success there is a pressure to perform to that level - a level that almost always is a fluke and almost never is repeatable.  One way to get around that is to, on the next album, "soft launch" a record and manage expectations by not being as in-your-face as most blockbuster artists are.  A media blitz and corker of a single may get a lot of attention, but chances are the impact won't live up to the prior album's glory right off the bat.  And nothing stings harder or makes better headlines than an EPIC ALBUM CAMPAIGN that results in tepid sales (yes, that's Christina Aguilera you hear being thrown under the bus right now).  To avoid that stink of "flop," artists and record companies have realized that if they don't try so hard, no one slates the record for not being as big as the one prior.  Cue the Scissor Sisters' 'Night Work,' a solid collection of tunes that makes for a great follow-up.  Since there really was nowhere to go from their last LP but down, the band have scaled things back a bit and allowed themselves room to grow.  Because nothing is more claustrophobic than a pop act's huge success.

Anyhoodle, long story short, the Sisters have a new single and video out and both are very amazing.  The song features KYLIE ON BACKING VOCALS and the video features HOT SHIRTLESS MEN AND NEON COLORS.  Quite obviously both are incredible.