Thursday, September 17, 2009

The second Madonna 'Celebration' video is very good isn't it

Madonna - Celebration (Fan Version) Video by Madonna - MySpace Video

Yes. It is.

Watch Whitney's 'Million Dollar' video

This is Whit's new video. In it she goes to the dry cleaner and sings to people in the basement because that is the only way to become famous again after you go on a crack binge and marry Bobby Brown. :(

Also she looks like a REALLY GOOD Whitney Houston drag queen.

Good to have you back, Miss H.

Soft Toy Emergency's new single is 'Critical'

ScopiSat doesn't know what to make of Soft Toy Emergency, and even less what to make of their new song. On one hand it's got a great melody, it's got attitude. On the other, WTF IS GOING ON WITH THAT BEAT? It's like the Vengaboys. We're definitely on board with a tip of the hat to the past and we love our retro-referential flourishes, but come on guys. Too soon.

Out in November on AATW but if you want pure 90's joy buy Alphabeat's 'The Spell' instead