Sunday, May 9, 2010

STOP EVERYTHING AND LISTEN TO THE NEW KYLIE LEAK - pic from the video set and clip of the song WITH VOCALS!

It was bound to happen, as much as we're sure Kylie's "people" were hoping it wouldn't.  After releasing a tantalizing 30-second vocal-free clip of her new single "All The Lovers," the next big step was to have Miss Minogue hand-deliver the track to Radio 1 on the 14th for its first play.  Lucky us, we don't have to wait that long to get an idea of just how brilliant the song is, thanks to some crafty homosexuals in LA.  Kylie is shooting the music video for the song there on an open set in the middle of the street (see the picture above that indicates that the video will be VERY GOOD), meaning that anyone with a recording device can record the playback of the song.  The result?  Low quality Youtube clips, in which it is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that "All The Lovers" is the ACTUAL comeback of PROPER KYLIE, for which 'X' was just a warm up.  Not that 'X' wasn't good, mind you, just that, as Kylie has said herself, it wasn't really fully formed and wasn't the vehicle to really relaunch her after her bout with cancer.  Instead, it seems, it was more of a "bridge project" to tide her fans over while she conquered America and set up to be back and bigger than ever. 

Yes.  It's that good.