Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mutya chucks out another single for us to not buy

The video for 'Falling,' by Agent X and Mutya, leaves ScopiSat with two thoughts:

1. Being in the year 2001 again isn't nearly as fun as you'd think

2. The man holding the gun to Mutya's head and screaming 'look like you want to be here!' probably got fired because he didn't do a very good job :(

Out 'soon' on 3Beat

Das Pop is what it says

And their new video is very very good. Here is 'Never Get Enough' from the Belgian 'wonky pop' group's new album, and it's a nice little tune that could be described as 'a grower not a shower' but in the musical not in the anatomical sense. For all we know any of the boys could also be growers, but that is a bit beyond the scope of this website so you'll have to look elsewhere for that kind of information.

Out October 19 on NEWS/Sony

It's Scopitone Saturday!

This week's Scopitone is 'The Bike.' It is self explanatory, in that it is a video about bikes and people riding bikes and other things having to do with bikes. It also is a video about people doing things at varying speeds in fields and in front of French landmarks, all while still talking and doing things about bikes. For the aforementioned reasons, it is brilliant.