Friday, March 12, 2010

In case you hadn't heard, Lady Gaga has done a video for a song called 'Telephone'

Oh you had?  Well here it is:

Some notes:

1.  Beyonce makes a very good Bettie Page
2.  By going straight from stealing chubby early 80's Madonna's look to stealing svelte early 90's Madonna's classy Blonde Ambition look, Gaga has graciously sidestepped the whole mid-80's True Blue-era cropped platinum/unruly eyebrows/"capri pants give you chubby ankles" mess
3.  For some reason we MUST have a Virgin Mobile phone now
4.  Somewhere Quentin Tarantino is rubbing one out while watching a wall of plasma screen televisions all playing this video clip on a loop
5.  Beyonce is AMAZING
6.  Lady Gaga is AMAZING
7.  This video is AMAZING