Saturday, March 27, 2010

The best Lady Gaga/Beyonce spoof video ever in the history of everything

That is all.

Kelis teases us with her 'Acapella' vid - watch now!

We've already gone on and on about how Kelis's new single, and in fact her whole new sound, is AMAZING and will CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER so we'll spare you that whole bit again.  Instead we'll just say that the song 'Acapella' deserves a very good video, and if this teaser clip is anything to go by, that's what it got.  In it there is NEON and COMPUTER GENERATED THINGS and STUFF THAT FLASHES IN TIME WITH THE MUSIC and because of all of these things is ACCEPTABLE. 

The full video debuts in a couple days, and we can't wait.  We're still calling sound of the summer for this bad boy.