Friday, August 21, 2009

A reminder that Madonna has made some rather alright music

Here's the promo for Madonna's new greatest hits. There are some very good songs on it. 36 of them, in fact.

Out Sept 28 on Warner

Songs remind Annie of you

Apparently the Annie album thing is ACTUALLY going to happen. 'Songs Remind Me Of You' which is a single in that it is an individual song available for purchase, but not really a single in that it has no promotion or radio play and nobody realized it existed, showed up on UK iTunes this week and is properly wicked. Hopefully this whole 'Don't Stop' album thing will go better for her than....well the rest of her career, essentially...a quick perusal of her wikipedia indicates that her last charting single made a spectacular number 82. In Spain.

'Songs Remind Me Of You' is out now through iTunes, and the album is out October 19, both on Smalltown Records.