Sunday, September 25, 2011

Luciana ropes in THE ACTUAL BETTY WHITE for 'I'm Still Hot' - listen now!

We would totally see this "buddy cop" movie
We could spend hours and hours wringing our hands in confusion as to how this collaboration came about exactly, or we could spend those hours enjoying the very good song that resulted. 

It's a song by Luciana and it features Betty White.  So, it is AMAZING. 

The track is called 'I'm Still Hot,' and is a by-the-numbers club track but done exceptionally well - which is kind of Luciana's "thing".  She doesn't really bring anything particularly new to the table ("ooh look a woman talking over some beats" etc.) but her mode of delivery is pretty great.  She's also featured on some rather awesome tracks (Taio Cruz's 'Come On Girl' being just one) but now has gotten QUITE THE STAR to feature on one of her own.

The original version of 'Hot' has already hit the top 3 of the dance charts, and we have a feeling this remix will push it to the summit.  Because who doesn't love Betty White?  She's sweet, she's crass, she's funny, and most importantly, she's still hot.

If this version of 'Hot' charts, this will be Ms. White's first appearance on Billboard in the US, or on the official UK countdown.  And we can't wait to see her name on both of them.