Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rihanna is the 'Only Girl' in her new video - watch the premiere now!

We've already talked about how happy we are that Rihanna ditched the dark-and-brooding look-at-me-being-a-serious-artist thing she did on 'Rated R' and decided to embrace pure pop again, and while all of that still applies, we have to say we're actually more impressed with the video for 'Only Girl' than the song itself. 

While 'Only Girl' already sounds a bit played out just a couple weeks after it hit the radio waves, the video is fresh and colorful and nice looking in a way that truly befits a BONA FIDE SUPERSTAR.  Sure, it looks like it was shot with an iPhone 'Hipstamatic' picture app, and okay, it's really nothing we haven't seen before at all, but there's a certain gloss and finish to it that shows that even if a million people have done it before, you can still make it look totally unique if you do it VERY WELL.

Also, whoever dwas in charge of putting a bunch of pastel-colored props in the middle of the desert really deserves to get more work.  Good job, champagne all around, etc etc

'Only Girl' is out next week in the UK, and out now most everywhere else