Monday, November 15, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD of Florrie's new - and AMAZING - debut EP - listen now (and DL link)

This is what Florrie's head looks like while she is doing a shit.
Florrie, despite our never having heard anything by her til now, is already somewhat of a pop goddess in our minds and is such based mostly on several pictures we have seen of her looking QUITE FETCHING.  Well, we're happy to report that her photographs did not steer us wrong, for she is actually a little bit amazing, musically. 

To be fair we kind of knew she would be going in, because she is the new Xenomania front-songstress, but it's still nice to have some solid confirmation.

As a sort of introduction to the pop masses, Florrie's people have chosen to chuck out an EP onto the interwebs for all to enjoy.  And by "all" we actually, for once, mean ALL, as the entire record is available for free from her website here

If you're not convinced by the fact that it is FREE, perhaps you will be convinced by the fact that it is, in large part, also AMAZING, as evidenced by the following:

Yes.  Very good indeed.