Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly Clarkson's man is a 'Mr. Know It All'

We heart Kelly pretty hard around these parts.  Not like, hand-clapping, jumping-up-and-down-like-she's-Kylie hard, but QUITE HARD ENOUGH, thank you very much.  So it is with much excitement that we awaited the unveiling of her brand new single 'Mr. Know It All' yesterday.  Would it be poppy 'Since You Been Gone' Kelly?  Would it be ANGRY SHOUTY 'My December' Kelly?  Or would it be .....well those are really the only two.

And at the end of the day it's kind of neither.  'Know' is like a harder version of an above-average Natasha Bedingfield song.  Which is not to say it's bad in the least.  We just prefer our Kelly with a bit more of a 'My Life Would Suck' edge.  Especially for a lead single, since the whole point of one is to recapture everyone's attention.  And we're just not sure this is the song that will do that. 

What the song does do, however, is tease a slightly more grown-up sounding Kelly.  Which is VERY EXCITING.  We always felt like deep down inside her (underneath the chili fries) there was a hell of an artist, beyond the slick production of her biggest hits.  An artist with more subtlety and depth than we've seen, all propped up by THAT VOICE. 

Judging by 'Mr. Know It All' we might just get a little bit of that Kelly on the new record.  And maybe that's why they went ahead with this track.  It's an enticing teaser of what glorious music might just be to come. 

Which is all very good and we're super looking forward to hearing it, but when the album comes out there better be one power ballad AT LEAST as good as 'Because of You' and two 'Since You've Been Gone' corkers with remix EPs.  Also there needs to be one crap song that seems to get less and less crap as time goes on until eventually the "true fans" all look at it as a hidden gem and demand that Kelly sing it on tour, even though in actuality it is crap.  So GET ON THAT, KELLY.

Or we'll take the chili fries.