Friday, September 9, 2011

Skylar Grey is 'Invisible' in her new video - watch now!

"I have smelled a fart and it is OBJECTIONABLE."
If you don't know about Skylar Grey already that's fine because neither did we really until we ran across this little gem called 'Invisible.'  It is what we call a "slow jam" and it is about being INVISIBLE and also it is amazing.

Miss Grey has been lauded by "the blogs" and "the music rags" and the like for some time now, but to be honest we couldn't really be bothered with another Dido-ish/Sarah Barielles-like/snoozy-ethereal/"I AM A REAL ARTIST IN AN AGE OF AUTOTUNE AND SYNTHS SO I FEEL VERY SELF-IMPORTANT AND SNOTTY" singer so we kind of ignored all the buzz. 


'Invisible,' out October 2nd in the UK, is a grown-up pop song, of the kind that will likely become more and more prevalent as the mindless-club-track backlash gains steam, and is the perfect soundtrack to a cool fall morning. 

So if you'll excuse us, we're off to throw on our lightweight scarf and fashionable-yet-functional rain boots we got at that new fauxhemian consignment shop we pretend to hate but secretly have been shopping at regularly, and skip around the falling leaves.  Cause if this is what fall is going to sound like, BRING IT ON, MAMA NATURE.