Thursday, March 31, 2011

And now the Katy perry video - watch the premiere now!

This is what Russell Brand sees
Following on from our earlier post that had nothing to do with Katy Perry, here is a post COMPLETELY ABOUT KATY PERRY.

Apparently she has a new video or something, for a thing called 'E.T' and it is KIND OF AMAZING in spite of featuring Kanye West.

Here it is:

And there it was.

In anticipation of the new Katy Perry, CockNBullKid has an 'Asthma Attack' in new video - watch now!

"my career plan is finally coming to...fruition."
Yes, we know you're all waiting for the Katy Perry video that premieres at noon, but in the meantime we thought we'd point out that a VERY GOOD SONG by a VERY GOOD ARTIST got a VERY GOOD VIDEO and has just come out. 

It is called 'Asthma Attack,' and it is by CockNBullKid, an act (a girl) that has been on "the blogs'" up-and-coming lists for what seems like ages now.  And with good reason, it seems, as 'Asthma' is a delightful slice of Britpop with a nod back to that genre's golden age of Blur and all the other acts that weren't as good as Blur but sounded kind of similar.

So here it is, a really good track without a lot of bells and whistles, but one that is ultimately more satisfying than most any Katy Perry track.  Now, for another hour and twenty minutes, until 'E.T.' comes down from the heavens and distracts us with its insanely-budgeted Kanye West-ness, we can all sit back, relax, forget all about KP for just a moment, and enjoy this hidden gem.