Monday, April 4, 2011

Natalia Kills is in a 'Wonderland' - watch the premiere now!

"do I have something on my face?"
Ok so Natalia Kills is kind of useless in terms of where she fits in on the music landscape, but that doesn't mean she's not good.  Yeah she sounds like Rihanna and looks like what would happen if Katy Perry grew a penis and impregnated Lily Allen, but beneath all the similarities to every major pop act out there right now beats the heart of a pretty great performer.

Likewise, her new jam 'Wonderland' sounds like an amalgamation of a number of current or recent hits but actually boils down to what would happen if 'Disburbia' was ACTUALLY BETTER.  Which leads us to the up-until-now-unlikely conclusion that Miss Kills might pull this whole thing off after all.  And if she keeps putting out tunes like this we certainly hope she does. 

As for the video, well, just watch for yourself.  But we will say that if we ever wake up screaming in a pool of our own pee it will probably be because of those goddamned rabbit masks.