Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daft Punk make the new 'Tron' trailer their own - watch now!

Daft Punk, the electro-awesome group that brought us the BRILLIANT 'Discovery' album and then followed it with some tuneless noise that elicited a chorus of 'meh's, are back in a big way - albeit not in the conventional sense.  Their latest project has been scoring the LONG-AWAITED (read:  unnecessary and money-grabbing) reboot of the 'Tron' film. 

IT programmers the world over are rejoicing today, as a teaser trailer for the flick has shown up on the interwebs, and looks pretty faithful to the feel of the original while updating the effects.  More important to us, of course, is the accompanying soundtrack - a brand new jam from "the Punk". 

It's pretty standard fare for the group, and to be honest doesn't exactly mesh with the dark and eerie vibe the visuals give off, but if 'Tron' ends up anything like their masterpiece movie/long play animated music video 'Interstella 5555,' we'll be just fine.

Check out the trailer below: