Monday, February 15, 2010

Robbie Williams moons us with his 'Morning Sun' - watch the video now!

Robbie Williams has had a rocky comeback, albeit an ultimately pretty successful one.  His big X-Factor appearance turned into an awkward mess, but was redeemed with a triumphant X-Factor performance a few weeks later.  A so-so lead single was followed up by a pretty great track that ended up an even bigger hit.

For his next move, Robbie is giving us this year's official single for Sport Relief.  It's a by-the-numbers Williams ballad, but from the man who set the gold standard for male power pop that's nothing to sniff at. 

The video is a space-y affair with a retro cool twist, and we don't know about you viewers, but we're kinda digging it. 

Out March 15