Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kelly Rowland wants you to 'Lay It On Me' in new video - watch the premiere now!

$10 says this came from Rickys.
Whoa girl.  Kelly.  Miss Rowland.  We know she's gotten all confident since she started (and has been remarkably well-received) as a judge on the UK X-Factor, but DAYUMM.  We remember back when she was all sweet and innocent and wearing Beyonce's mom's "respectable" outfits.  But those days seem long, long ago, thanks largely to the thrust-fest that was 'Motivation.' And apparently that porn of a video wasn't just a fluke - she's gone and chucked out a full-on pop gangbang clip for 'Lay It On Me.' 

To be fair, the sleazy ho route is probably the best one for K-Ro at the moment, as Beyonce has gone all classy and motherly.  It's pretty much a given that B is going to rule the roost at whatever she does at any given moment, so it would have been DAMN FOOLISH for Kelly to have tried doing a day-glo Breakfast At Tiffanys video for 'Lay.'  Even though it kind of would fit super well.

Instead, Kelly has wisely decided to do the exact opposite of Beyonce's class act, and has opted to slap her snatch around every handsome man she sees.  And you know what?  We're kind of loving it.  It's obvious Kelly is enjoying her new role as Beyonce's sluttier, more lubed up #2, and if that means she keeps cranking out tunes like the catchy-as-hell 'Lay It On Me' we are going to be first in line to buy tickets to this tramp-train.