Monday, May 10, 2010

A quick thing about how we just heard Kylie 'All The Lovers' in full - our review

So it totally wouldn't be proper for us to share our 'source' with you, but we've just managed to hear Kylie's 'All The Lovers' in its entirety and, in case any of you were worried, it is AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN everyone has been saying.  It's a little old, a little new, and a lot 'I Believe In You' if it was bigger and better and more "hands in the air poppers o'clock." There is a soaring anthemic chorus and ridiculously catchy verses and a part where all the music drops out and Kylie just says things and then everything comes back in and everyone on the dance floor jumps right at that moment and SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS.

Kylie delivers the track to BBC Radio 1 first thing on Friday, May 14, which will go down as a red letter day for pop that will be talked about for generations to come.

Now, we would be really worried about overselling it, but to be honest we're NOT SURE THAT'S ACTUALLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. 

The end.

The new Katy Perry sounds like a Ke$ha B-Side :( - listen to the premiere of 'California Gurls' now!

We love 'Hot and Cold.'  We really do.  We even liked 'I Kissed a Girl' for a few days back in '08.  And even if 'Waking Up In Vegas' was the aural equivalent of a root canal performed in a back alley, at least Katy Perry's "Katy Perry-ness" came out in it.  Unfortunately that's not something we can say about her new track 'California Gurls' (yes, with a "u" instead of an "i" because she is "hip" and "sTrEeT," and also because that's how she spelled it one day and since she's famous no one wanted to correct her). 

'Gurls' (shudder) does update Perry's sound a bit, adding in the rave-y 90's synths that are becoming all the rage, but at the same time somehow loses any sense of identity in the process.  In fact, if we heard this and didn't have any background or source identification, we'd guess it was a Ke$ha track. 

Still, there are worse things we could be listening to.  There could be a new Black Eyed Peas album, for instance.  Or something from Nickelback.  So we'll take this mediocre slice of crowd-pleasing paint-by-the-numbers pop, but with the hopes that Miss Perry's new album skews a little less obvious, and includes a little more of the personality that made her a star. 

Let's take a little listen, shall we?

Ugh, never mind, it's kind of good. 


Out to radio now, to download soon (the radio date had to be moved up because of leaks so the download date is a bit in limbo), and an album will follow in August.