Monday, May 3, 2010

The Scissor Sisters are BACK and BETTER THAN EVER with 'Fire With Fire' - watch them perform the new single now!

The music world has been abuzz for a few weeks now about the new Scissor Sisters stuff, and to be honest we here at ScopiSat were a little hesitant.  We always kind of appreciated SS's quirky, campy brand of rock, but never really connected with any of their tracks.  It's always been something of an embarrassment, really, because while "the blogs" and "the gays" all went on and on at length about the genius of the Sisters, we would cower in a corner, cradling our Girls Aloud records and wondering where exactly our upbringing went wrong. 

But hark!  That's all about to change, it seems, as 'Fire With Fire' finds the band exploring a straightforward, glitzed up pop-a-thon that we can TOTES get on board with.  Check out the band performing the new single at NYC's Bowery Ballroom:

It sounds like poppers and shame-sex on a dancefloor, and is therefore AMAZING. 
The single's out June 20.