Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Calvin Harris touches people up

So we already told you about Calvin Harris' new single and now he has taken to the interwebs to promote it. This is Mr. Harris playing a human synthesizer (no we don't know either, and ScopiSat has sat through the video about five times) and the whole thing serves as solid confirmation of both Calvin's brilliance and complete insanity. Regardless, the whole painty mess is AMAZING.


The Dolly Rockers have put a clip of a BRAND NEW SONG on their Myspace and it is BALLS-OUT PHENOMENAL.

That is all.

David Guetta and Will.i.am would like to go crazy

Somehow ScopiSat completely missed that David Guetta and Will.i.am have collaborated on a track that is OUT NOW and is very listenable. So without further ado here is a high-quality song in low-quality format.

Miley pole dances in the USA

For two days the world (ie teenage boys and Focus on the Family) has been clamoring about Miley Cyrus' pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards. Well it finally aired and it wasn't so much a 'pole dance' as 'dancing with a pole nearby' but that's quite enough for us here at ScopiSat. The whole thing is in aid of her new single 'Party in the USA' which is both painful and amazing all at the same time thanks to lyrics like 'the Britney song was on, and the Britney song was on' etc etc.

I think ScopiSat reader Ryan speaks for all of you when he says: "That is the meanest thing you've ever posted."

Party In The USA is out soon on Hollywood Records

Here is a song that sounds like Amy Winehouse but isn't

Paloma Faith has been on the radar ever since she blew away everyone at Radio 2 Introduces... her first single didn't do so well (#17) but this one is quite nice and though it will probably do about the same (#17) the whole point really is to sell albums these days, right?

The single is out Sept 13th on Epic Records in the UK