Monday, May 17, 2010

Who wants to see the new video for Kelly Rowland's storming new dance track? Watch a preview now!

Kelly Rowland looked quite down and out for a while.  Second fiddle to Beyonce after Destiny's Child disbanded, she had a couple decent hits and the pop world readied to put her out to pasture.  Non-charting singles, C-list TV appearances and cruise ship concerts awaited.  Enter David Guetta, who made the soulful singer over into a dance diva, and in the process rejuvenated a career that so easily could have ended with a 'Where Are They Now' camera crew visiting her at a Georgia Wal*Mart.  'When Love Takes Over' became a smash US dance hit, a chart topper worldwide, and served as the sound of the summer for many a slightly fey gentleman. 

That single coincided with her departure with both her manager and her label, and since then Kelly has signed with Universal Motown.  Somebody at their offices knows what they're doing, as Miss Rowland's new direction capitalizes on her newfound club popularity.  'Commander' is a pulsing club banger, again produced by David Guetta, and joins the Kylie and Kelis releases in making 2010 the year dance was well and truly back. 

As songs tend to do, 'Commander' has received a video treatment.  Filmed in the beginning of May, it was directed by Masahahi Muto (behind some very awesome adverts and clips), and it looks to be QUITE GOOD.  One insider said about the clip, ""Kelly’s look in this video is just utterly sexy. It’s like a jungle feel. I feel like we’re in Avatar somewhere, running through the woods, minus the blue paint." 

Check out the preview now - are you looking forward to seeing the finished product?

Out to download tomorrow the 18th of May.