Friday, April 1, 2011

Sky Ferreira cries '99 Tears' - watch the lyrics video premiere now!!

I whip my hair back and forth
Sky Ferreira:  Can I have some tears please?

Tear Dispensery Associate:  Yes, how many would you like?

Sky Ferreira:  Well my first few singles didn't really take off like everyone thought they would, so probably quite a few.

Tear Dispensery Associate: Oh dear.  Well how badly did they do?

Sky Ferreira:  So bad I can't even make a real video for my next single.  I have to do a "lyrics" video.  Which sucks because the song is ACTUALLY AMAZING in an 80's THROWDOWN STOMPFEST kind of way.

Tear Dispensery Associate: What is a "lyrics" video?

Sky Ferreira:  That's where the record company is super cheap and so they pay an unemployed UC Santa Barbara grad whose parents let him major in Communications because they don't love him to press some buttons on his Macbook Pro and throw together a clip that flashes the words to the song up on the screen as they are sung.

Tear Dispensery Associate:  That sounds awful.  How about 99 tears.

Sky Ferreira:   99 it is.