Friday, January 21, 2011

The NEW LADY GAGA in HQ with an artsy video to boot - watch now!

"...and then she fell over"
Yesterday we chucked up some Cloverfield-style footage from a fashion show, during which a good deal of thumping went on.  This thumping was apparently a new Lady Gaga song, but no one could really tell anything about it for sure except that it was kind of like 'Teeth' but "stompier" and also that it was VERY GOOD.

Well now there's a full-on remix thing on the interwebs, posted by one of the team behind the fashion show.  It features a super art-school-y video that shows a bunch of things that very few people would care anything about if it wasn't paired with a new Gaga track, but all around the whole thing is doing quite an alright job of drumming up interest in the Lady's 'Born This Way' album.

Because it needed so much help.

Anyway here's the video.  We warn you.  It is good.  Well, as good as 4 minutes of one phrase repeating over and over to a beat can be.  Which is still pretty damn good.