Friday, October 29, 2010

Katy Perry makes cancer better in new video for 'Firework' - watch now!

Katy Perry took a break from terrorizing India with her wedding to film a video for new (and not completely terrible) single 'Firework,' the third taken from her 'Teenage Dream' album.   Shot in sunny Budapest, there is some nice camera work and Katy herself looks remarkably good, but the "plot" is super self-congratulatory and QUITE A BIT RIDICULOUS. 

A lot of LIFE AFFIRMING boxes get ticked in this baby... hot gay boys making out because KATY SAYS IT'S OK, an overweight girl making peace with herself because KATY SAYS IT'S OK, dancing amongst dangerous explosives in an architectural landmark because KATY SAYS IT'S OK and a girl dying of cancer but everything is fine because KATY SAYS IT'S OK.   

Thank you, Katy.  Thank you for the hope.

'Firework' is out now for download.