Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's 'Papi' is KIND OF AMAZING - watch the premiere now!

seashells remind people of vaginas
Jennifer Lopez's third single from her album 'Love(unnecessary punctuation)' is called 'Papi' and it is not terrible, although it is a little creepy.  The video for the song is not terrible either - in that it's better than her last one - but there's something a little .....off about it too.  In fact, it's almost like two videos in one.  One, which is weird and strangely directed, and the other which is brilliant and FIERCE (finger snap bitch stomp). 

The concept is fantastic:  J.Lo eats a cookie which will "bring back love" and through its magic (?) becomes irresistible to all men (ok so by "fantastic" we mean utterly ridiculous but still amazing) and then they fight over her and then break into a budget-busting riot on a city street because why not?

Sounds epic, right?  IT IS.

But the first half of the video is just kind of strange. Not like, BAD strange -far from it, in fact, but there's just something odd about how everything goes down.  The ideas are all fine, but maybe something in the execution just went a little wrong.  Whatever happened, though, it ultimately doesn't matter because the last half of the video saves the whole thing.  Once J.Ho realizes her new-found powers, she COMMANDS THEM WITH DANCE MOVES (amazing) and does a whole dance break thing in booty shorts (AMAZING), and by the hot guy appears with NO EXPLANATION and wisks her away, everyone's completely forgotten all about the first half of the video anyway so in the end SHE WINS.

And you know what, people?  We win too.