Friday, November 6, 2009

Robbie Williams goes through the looking glass in 'You Know Me' - watch the full video now!

Ask five people how Robbie's big comeback is going and you'll get five completely different answers. 'Bodies' fizzled a bit but still landed at a respectable number 2 and gave Mr. Williams his biggest hit in quite a while. After a shambolic X-Factor performance, Robbie ruled the stage at BBC Electric Proms and garnered some stellar reviews, but then turned around and canceled his much-hyped MTV EMA performance. Mixed signals, anyone? Well now with the release of his new album 'Reality Killed the Video Star' only days away, Robbie and EMI are hoping to railroad this whole project in the right direction, and apparently their solution is to play it completely and utterly safe. 'You Know Me,' the second single lifted from the album, is a low-key pop number with some horns and a gentle swing. No bite and all......bunny.

You Know Me - Robbie Williams (Official full-length video)

Robbie Williams | MySpace Video

The album is out Nov 9, with 'You Know Me' out as a single on Dec 7, both on EMI

Leona Lewis is 'Happy' at the MTV EMAs (video)

It should be illegal for someone to be this beautiful and talented.

But what are we all thinking of Gothic Leona? It's a bit like when Christina Aguilera went goth, except that this actually works. And does anyone notice the blatant 'Wicked' rip off during the breakdown?