Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aqua asks 'How R U Doin?' in their brand new track - listen to the premiere now!

"oh my god you guys this look is totally timeless"
Aqua, the 90's dance band that weren't the Vengaboys, were totally the jam for about 4 and a half minutes back in the day.  Everyone of course remembers their bona fide classic 'Barbie Girl,' but people seem to forget that the band have sold THIRTY THREE MILLION ALBUMS and are the most successful Danish act of all time.  (It's true - Google it.  And then pray for humanity.)

We're not going to tell you we didn't spend our late teens with their debut album on repeat, but we also can't pretend their output after about 1998 was anything but ABSOLUTE SHIT.  So, it's with some trepidation that we have watched as their "big comeback" has unfolded.

After a decade away from the spotlight, Aqua's uphill struggle to reclaim some sliver of relevance began with their holiday track, which was called 'Spin Me A Christmas' for no reason and was the musical equivalent to getting dog vomit stuck in your shoe.  It hardly made a blip on our radar, and if anything it just reinforced our view that the group had long surpassed their expiration date.

But now we have our first glimpse of the band's new non-novelty work, in the form of their comeback single 'How R U Doin?' and's not horrible.  It's kind of a Euro Ke$ha thing.  Like Britney, but if she was a Russian hooker whose "go-to" outfit was made of purple vinyl.  So like Britney full stop, really.

Anyway, here it is in all its not-terrible glory.  It's nothing life changing, but Aqua have always been known for their videos, so with the right clip this might actually pull off the impossible and make them a bankable act one more time.  Dig out your JNCO Jeans and your glowsticks, cause it's about to get all 90's ECSTACY WAREHOUSE PARTY up in here.

EDIT:  the video below is probably already gone because UMG Music apparently doesn't want anyone to actually hear what their artists are doing.  So listen to the track HERE.  It's actually worth it.